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A great place to live, play and build a business, Ozark boasts a diversified economy, mild winter weather and a location convenient to several of the south's metropolitan areas. Complementing the city's inviting business climate and tax structure is a workforce equipped with career training from Ozark's educational institutions and those within commuting distance.

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Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation - (ODEC) is a non-profit 501c6 organization located in Dale County Alabama. ODEC operates under a comprehensive but targeted three-year business plan which is developed and reviewed by investors from public government and private business within the Dale County trade area.

Economic Development Partnership of Alabama - EDPA is a totally private, non-profit organization committed to helping Alabama reach its full economic development potential.



Doing Business in Ozark

(334) 774-5262  


Before soliciting business, conducting trade or performing services within the city limits of the City of Ozark, a person or business must first obtain a valid City of Ozark Business License.  It is imperative that one starts the application and approval process as far in advance before opening as possible.  Licenses are based upon a calendar year - January 1st through December 31st and the license expires December 31st of each year, regardless of the date purchased.

Office hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays.

For more information please call (334) 774-5262 or e-mail

For more information concerning:

  • Building Permits

  • Inspection

  • Planning Commission �

  • Board of Zoning and Adjustments


Call (334) 774-9190



Experience outdoor fun season after season, year after year, in beautiful Ozark, Alabama.



Population           Ozark            Dale County                MSA 


1980 Census       12,205               47,821                  122,453


1990 Census       13,030               49,633                  130,964


2000 Census        15,119              49,129                  137,926


2010 Census        14,907              50,251  


Tri-state labor force: 168,000    


The Ozark area is 409 feet above sea level. 

Average annual rainfall:            59 inches 

Average January low:          65 degrees F 

Average January high:         39 degrees F 

Average July low:                59 degrees F 

Average July high:               89 degrees F 



                      Education                   School Enrollment           #Schools


Private/Parochial School                                      99                              1

Public Schools (City)

Elementary                                                      1,012                              3

Middle                                                                854                              1

Senior High/Vocational                                       837                              1

Other (Non-Profit)                                               201                              1

Public Schools (County)

K through 12/Vocational                                  2,718

Wallace Community College                             4,651

Alabama Aviation College                                   989

(Enterprise-Ozark Community College)           

Troy University Dothan                                      1,932


Source: Ozark City School files


Dale County's Largest Employers

      Company                                                               Product

Army Fleet Support                                            Aviation Maintenance


Michelin                                                          Tires and Related Products


PEMCO                                                               Aviation Maintenance


Dale Medical Center                                                      Hospital


Wal~Mart Super Center                                                   Retail


Board of Education                                         Ozark City School System


Wiregrass Construction                                                Contractor


Bell Helicopter (US Helicopter)             Helicopter Maintenance & Refurbishing


CMI (C&S Door)                                                      Door Manufacturer


Hughes Enterprises                                                          Retail


Did you know...

Ozark was named the most Patriotic City in Alabama

Ozark is home to Fort Rucker, the "Home of Army Aviation."

Ozark is home to a renowned Aviation Training/Technical College.

Ozark was named one of the "top 25 places to retire in America" by Consumers Digest.




Located at 406 Ben Street, Ozark, Alabama
(At the Ozark-Ft Rucker Gate)  




  • Flexible and affordable space for lease

  • Lighted, Ample Parking  

3269 US Highway 231 South, Ozark, Alabama 36360


Mission Statement: 

To provide an environment that is conducive to the success and growth of new and expanding businesses, create regional job opportunities, and expand the regional economy.



Ozark Technology Center provides the following services:

  • Flexible and affordable space for lease

  • High-speed internet access

  • Copier and fax machine

  • 24-hour building access and security

  • Loading and receiving dock

  • Assistance with business planning and financing

  • Small business resource library

  • Use of conference room

  • Lighted, ample parking

  • Professional support staff


East Gate Clients

Living Covenant Church

Edward Douglas, Pastor

Suites 101/102/103



Rhema Sounds

J. C. Culbreath
Suites 200/201


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