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Our Strategies & Objectives

To develop a community-centered public safety organization dedicated to the following strategies and objectives, by:

1. Enhancing Community Trust and Support: To strive to increase the community’s trust, support, and involvement, at all levels of the Department, by providing superior service and by acting with transparency throughout the department. We embrace honesty and openness with the community as being vital to a safer city. This will be demonstrated through the fair and equitable treatment of our citizens.

2. Enhancing our Ability to Achieve our Mission: To continually examine and adjust our processes and procedures to deliver world-class service, in a fair and ethical manner, in order to prevent crime, control crime, and enhance the overall quality of life for the citizens and visitors of our community.

3. Enhancing Employee Trust and Support: To strive to create a professional, fair and ethical workplace that promotes a high level of employee performance and satisfaction.

4. Enhancing Officer Safety: To constantly strive to maintain and enhance an environment that maximizes safety without compromising officer performance through the use of technology, equipment, and training.

5. Enhancing Collaboration within the Criminal Justice System: To create and constantly work to maintain close working relationships with our partners in the criminal justice system. Through the sharing of information, to work to collectively address issues that threaten the community’s safety and security.

6. Enhancing Crime Prevention and Crime Control Efforts: To strive to provide efficient and effective police services to the Ozark community through the use of identified best practices, community engagement, and crime analysis.

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